3 Reasons why our Handmade Woven Bags are the best
Woven Handmade Bag | Big Drop Style | Terracotta
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Woven Handmade Bag | Big Drop Style | Terracotta

Support the local handmade woven bags enterprise!

Mi Artesano is an online store of handmade woven bags, Mochila bags, round bags, exclusive and personalized designs of the municipality of San Jacinto. Moreover, all our handmade bags go through a rigorous quality test, we look for our clients to identify us as an excellent quality and reliable craft shop.

You can buy the handmade woven bags 24/7 with all payment methods available!

To buy a handmade bag in Mi Artesano is very simple, you must first enter our website Mi Artesano and there you will find all our handmade woven bags. We have our store divided into categories: Mochila bags, Round bags, Hand bags, backpack.

Once you have found the best woven bag, you must add it to the cart and start the purchase process. We accept all  credit cards, all through our website.

 We work with only the best!

It is very important to emphasize that there are many artisans in Colombia and just as a good doctor differs from a bad doctor, there are also good and bad artisans. In Mi Artesano we only work with the best artisans of the municipality assuring us that the product you buy is of quality, with the best materials and time delivery.

When buying handmade woven bags at Mi Artesano, you are buying from a reliable company, which has the obligation to respond for your purchase and ensure that the shipment is correct and in the established delivery times.

Thank you very much for supporting the enterprise of San Jacinto, we will make sure to be the best and to advance much more.

This is just the beginning of our handmade woven bags!

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