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Would you like something personalized or Wholesale?

If you would like something personalized take in count be base in our current products and materials. Don’t forget to give us detailed information for a proper answer.

All our products on the web are in wholesale price, take in count you don’t need to worry for international shipping if you buy more than 10 products. Please give us detailed information in which products are you interested and where to ship for a proper answer. We strongly recommend to visit our Instagram to find all our work. (It takes more time to update the site with all the products).

We have experience in the following countries: Mexico, United States, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Thailand, Phillipines, China, Cyprus, Slovakia, Spain, Australia. 

+57 310 432 6946

Carrera 17 #35-210 Local #11, Cartagena Colombia 130002

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